A premium quality, low acidity monovarietal EVOO delivered from “Koroneiki” olives grown in our family orchards in Kalamata area – Southern Greece. Packed in an elegant black glass bottle sealed with oak wood engraved with the ΔOGMA logo and finally bagged in burlap bag, we serve you with the best quality of our annual fresh produce in limited number of bottles.

Product characteristics


Physical attributes
Clear, free from solid particles and foreign materials, light green color, fruity and fresh flavor & aroma, well balanced bitterness, along with pungency, characteristic of Koroneiki variety fresh produce

Chemical (according to EU reg. 61/2011)
Acidity (%) < 0,4 (limit for extra virgin is ≤ 0,8)
Peroxide Index ≤ 10 mEq O2/Kg ( limit for extra virgin is ≤ 20)
Waxes ≤ 80 mg/kg (limit for extra virgin is ≤ 250)
K270 ≤ 0,22
K232 ≤ 2,50
Delta – K ≤ 0,01

Processing steps


  1. Harvesting / Olives picked in 50 kg burlap sacks
  2. Transfer to the mill and oil extraction the same day (fisrt cold pressed)
  3. Storage (in stainless tanks / 15-18 oC)
  4. Filtration (light filtration applied)
  5. Bottling



Primary packaging

  • Black matt glass bottle, 500 ml capacity
  • Wooden cork cap equipped with flow regulator
  • Screen printed labeling

Secondary (outer) packaging

  • Burlap Bag (with “δ” logo print)

Oil packaging

Storage conditions and shelf life


  • Store in dark cool place, keep it closed and away from direct heat and light
  • Shelf life up to 18 months in above conditions

Quality & Safety Control


Integrated Crop Management certification under AGRO2 national standards for cultivation
Food Safety Management System certification under ISO 22000:2005 standard for mill and packhouse